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ABOUT BELIEVER MUSIC Believer Music is the leading executive music training centre in Singapore. Featuring state-of-the-art studios islandwide with a 1,600 weekly capacity enrollment, we provide learners with the optimal training conditions for a truly genuine learning opportunity. Experience consistent, solid musical instruction that will not only take you higher, but also deeper to where you‘ve ever gone before. 18 years and growing with over 20,000 members, Believer Music continues to transform and impact thousands with the power of music. YES YOU CAN Learning music can be impactful and rewarding for one and all. We have classes for kids aged 7 to 12, accelerated courses for 13 to 59, and even Silver programs for seniors 50 years and beyond. We’ve made the lessons altogether achievable, fun, affordable, and most importantly, social. START TODAY If you haven’t yet experienced the wonder of playing musical instruments with us, click to and Sign Up Online for our upcoming intake!

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