"We have found the coach’s teaching method to be really effective, easy-to-follow and very enjoyable. We have all benefited greatly from his classes, and the experience has renewed our motivation to continue our musical journey."
IT Manager
"They truly help you believe in yourself, that you can learn to sing....WELL! There are so many techniques and skills to learn to sing properly and as long as you are willing to try and learn, you can do anything and unleash the true power of your own voice!."
lum lai ling
ECG, Counsellor

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Acoustic Guitar

The guitar is a great instrument to begin your musical journey with.

From its welcoming sounds and portability the guitar is surely the instrument of choice to bring about entertainment and community in social settings.

Join us in effective strumming methods and discover new dimensions of expression through powerful chord variations.

Suitable from age 10 & up!


The keyboard is an instrument of great musical range and dynamics.

From soothing ballads to pounding grooves, the keyboard provides a solid base to build your musical journey upon. Be amazed by the inherent power of this instrument to move and touch your audience.

Course participants will be able to pursue optional music certifications with certain program.

Suited from age 7 & up.


Go beyond technique & mere melodies as you develop ownership over your voice whilst communicating powerfully the heartbeat of each song you sing.

Suited from age 10 & up.


Fill your life with expressive passion on the drums.

Impress your loved ones with the speed and ease at which you can start playing music.

Suited from age 10 & up.


Synergize with others and energize with power generated from each strike on the Cajon.

Engage rhythmically and become the discerning musician you’ve always wanted to be with our immersive thematic content.

Suited from age 5 & up.

electric guitar

The electric guitar is fast-growing to take its place across music genres.

The diversity of sounds, styles and effects richly add to the dynamics of the band as well as for individual appreciation.

Engage and discover new dimensions of expression with the electric guitar in our classes.

Suited from age 10 & up.


The most portable music instrument available, combining easy-to-learn, pleasing to the ear, and hip factors into one small package.

Ground yourself in the art of music expression and discover new dimensions in life.

Suited from age 10 & up.


Believer Music is the leading executive music training centre in Singapore. Featuring state-of-the-art studios islandwide with a 3,800 weekly capacity enrollment, we provide learners with the optimal training conditions for a truly genuine learning opportunity. Experience consistent, solid musical instruction that will not only take you higher, but also deeper to where you‘ve ever gone before. 21 years and growing with over 25,000 members, Believer Music continues to transform and impact thousands with the power of music.


Learning music can be impactful and rewarding for one and all. We have classes for kids aged 7 to 12, accelerated courses for 13 to 59, and even Silver programs for seniors 50 years and beyond. We’ve made the lessons altogether achievable, fun, affordable, and most importantly, social.


If you haven’t yet experienced the wonder of playing musical instruments with us, click to http://www.BelieverMusic.com and Sign Up Online for our upcoming intake!