A rare opportunity during this time of the year, children will get to have a go at playing a few different musical instruments.

Be it hitting the keys of the keyboard, drumming to accurate beats on the cajon/drums or playing catchy and relatable tunes on the guitar/ukulele, we promise a fulfilling time of exploration and playing music for real!

Our music camp exposes chidren to a variety of instruments along with its individual techniques of play.

For instance, if your child is good with pitching and playing a tune or melody by ear, he or she will be trained with proper techniques on a second instrument to complement the current instrument of play.

Your child will have bountiful learning takeaways by the end of our music camp.

Whether it is coming up with catchy tunes to harmonise with a piece or drumming to perfect beats, they will discover their forte when it comes to music playing.

Once the interest is captivated, they will be keen to further their proficiency in that particular discipline.

The process will aid self-discovery and awareness of their strengths and abilities.

Rain or shine, our music camp takes place regardless.

We will deliver the content and curriculum, making sure your child doesn’t miss any part of the activity.

Playing a musical instrument taps on the functions of both hemispheres of the brain.

Studies have shown that children who learn to play a musical instrument perform better in their academic studies.

Meanwhile, learning music has proven benefits in improving hand-eye coordination, increased creativity and heightened confident, self-expression.

The best part is they won’t be learning a new skill alone.

With the company of new friends who share the joy in music learning, they are in for an enjoyable time of learning-through-play.

Believer Music’s 2-Day Music Adventure Camp is not only engaging but experiential.

The learning experience during each child’s developmental years are proven to be etched in his or her account of “Happy Memories”, even as they progress to their teenage years and adulthood.

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