Hello Everyone! It’s the first, and certainly not the last that you’ll hear from me. I’m Rachel, Communication Specialist at Believer Music. I’m here to introduce myself and to greet you all formally, as part of the loving and uplifting community spirit we have here at Believer Music. 

Just some background about myself…Yes, drawing parallels with most (or I should say all) of you with us. I love Music. I love listening to songs and pieces that belong to a wide range of genres. This includes the old-school Beatles, The Carpenters, BeeGees to Blue Jazz and contemporary love songs. Oh yes, talk about lyrics that portray love that makes the world go round…I have a strong stand for them, opposed to heavy metal which erm, kind of gives me headache. 

Hope to see you guys around often, for I’ll be making my appearance at our IP Branch frontdesk as well as for some of the elementary stages of the BMKA module. So do say “Hi” to me, and let’s get started with conversations about the latest love songs by English boy bands and female singers who have the flair of humming to crisp, lively tunes. 

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Communication Specialist, Believer Music