Introducing Silver 50+


Always had a desire to play beautiful music? This is where your childhood dreams come alive. This 2018, we are introducing new contemporary programs tailored for seniors!

Formally known as Gold 60+, our Silver Programs are specially designed for ages 50 and above. Learn at a comfortable pace with a structured syllabus and patient coaches!

Hear what some of our students have to say…

Susan Goh.jpg

Meet Susan Goh currently enrolled in the Keyboard Program at Believer Music.

Share with us a little bit about yourself.
My occupation is as a HR manager and I’m 53 in 2018. I started learning the guitar with my son at Believer Music, but I have always preferred the keyboard.

You are multi-talented! Why did you choose to learn music?
I started learning music because all my friends could play a musical instrument and they inspired me to want to learn. Furthermore, I’m at a stage where my career is more or less stable and I’m nearing retirement. So I decided to pick up a skill for personal development.

How has your experience of learning music been thus far?
I started the keyboard course without any musical background. So when I could play one of my favorite songs in class, it was an achievement! I told myself, “good progress!”.

Cindy & John.jpg

Next, we are joined with Cindy Rachel (left) and John Anthony (right), both aged 53. Husband and wife currently enrolled in the Ukulele Program at Believer Music.

What brought the both of you to Believer Music?
Cindy: We have always liked music and we wanted to learn music to accompany our singing. I found Believer Music through the internet and we decided to sign up for lessons.

Since this is your first time with us, how do you feel about the course so far?
John: It’s a fun learning experience! Even though at the start we struggled learning the instrument, but when we could finally get a hang of playing, singing the lyrics over the music was really enjoyable. There was a sense of achievement.

Would you encourage a friend to learn music?
John: If they have a passion for music, they should go for it.
Cindy: Music is for everybody – whether you listen to music, play an instrument or sing.

Susan Ang.jpg

Be inspired by Susan Ang and her determination to chase her dreams regardless of her age. She is currently enrolled in the Believer Music Keyboard Academy Program.

How did your interest in music develop?
When I was young, I wanted to play music but didn’t have the opportunity. I stay in an estate where my neighbors play classical music on the piano. I always melt when I hear that kind of music, so I tell myself that I must give myself a chance. I’m not young, anyway, and I’ve just passed 62. But I think everybody should achieve their dreams, and my dream is to play music. Not just music but beautiful music.

How has your journey at Believer Music been?
I think over here, it’s not just the songs but the environment – my classmates and the coaches are very patient. They are nice to guide me and wait for me to pick up the techniques. That’s why learning here is easy.

Music is also one way for me to prevent dementia. Taking this up as a hobby only requires time to practice. Music is simply beautiful and it’s very relaxing when you enjoy playing. So never be afraid regardless of your age. If you never give yourself a chance, you’ll never know. That’s why I decided to go all the way; that’s why I will sign up for stage 3!


Enjoy the best years of your life by immersing yourself in music today!

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