Music Together – Father & Child

Modern fathers want to spend quality time with their children. But what activity is both meaningful and fun, adequately challenging and rewarding, suitable for all types of weather and personalities, benefitting both brain and relationship development?

Music Together is the answer.

In this era of streamed music and music player apps, there’s more but only when we tap into its full inherent power. Music was invented by a community, for the community. A nation has its national anthem. A school has its school song. Even couples have one they call “our song”.

The benefits are long-lasting. With the newly acquired skill, your family can now start to make Music Together.

In partnership with Centre For Fathering – Dads For Life Singapore, Believer Music is promoting MUSIC TOGETHER to bond families like never before. MUSIC knows no boundaries and it is one of the best activity to connect your husband and child together… FOR LIFE!

Offering a special 1-for-1 promotion for a limited time only, both father & child (8-16yo) can experience learning a new musical skill together! Don’t miss this limited special promotion!

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2 Nov – 20 Dec | 7-weeks | 60mins | Pop Genre
Guitar | E.Guitar | Ukulele | Cajon | 吉他

2 Nov – 20 Dec | 7-weeks | 60mins | Praise Genre
Guitar | E.Guitar | Ukulele | Cajon | Bass | 吉他