Music Making In The City: Believer Music x Capitol Theatre

This year, Believer Music takes its unique brand of music training to the halls and stages of Singapore’s premier performing arts space, Capitol Theatre. From 21 Nov – 23 Dec 2020, experience the joy of playing music with a series of curated music workshops, specially designed to be friendly for all. Kids, adults and entire families, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

A Musical Experience Of A Lifetime

A once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits participants as they learn and play music within the halls of an iconic performing arts space. Nothing is spared to give participants their musical adventure of a lifetime. This is not your typical music studio or stage, it’s the Capitol Theatre.

Kids 5-Half-Day Workshop

Choose from a variety of music workshops to find one that suits you most. Looking for an enriching school holiday activity for your kids? Sign them up for our Kids 5-Half-Day Workshop, where your children will not only develop essential musical quotient but also fine motor skills with the ukulele or cajon.

Music Making In The City

Always wanted to play an instrument? Join Music Making In The City! Featuring 1-hour introductory cajon and ukulele workshops designed for the complete novice to experience playing and singing with an instrument at the same time. These workshops promise to leave you satisfied, and wanting more.

Ensemble Experience

Two is better than one! Experience ensemble playing for real with our 2-hour Ensemble Experience workshops. Believer Music coaches will guide you to play the guitar or cajon with tips & techniques you can immediately apply. Feel the synergistic power of connecting with others through music!

Both Contemporary Pop and Christian Songs are offered separately for Music Making In The City and Ensemble Experience. 

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About Believer Music
Believer Music is the leading music training centre in Singapore. Featuring state-of-the-art studios islandwide with a 3,800 weekly capacity enrollment, we provide music learners with the optimal conditions for a truly genuine learning opportunity.

Our students experience consistent, solid music instruction that will take them higher and deeper to where they have ever gone before. 21 years and growing with more than 25,000 members, Believer Music continues to transform and impact thousands with the power of music from ages 5 to 50+.’

About Capitol Singapore
Capitol Singapore, a landmark integrated development set in Singapore’s Civic and Cultural District, comprises the iconic Capitol Theatre, a premier retail mall, the luxurious Eden Residences Capitol, the ultra-luxury The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, and the Arcade @ The Capitol Kempinski, a sunlit atrium hosting a series of modern and classical dining establishments.

It is home to three iconic conservation buildings, namely Stamford House, Capitol Theatre and Capitol Building. Through this seamless blend of past and present, the prime development offers visitors a truly distinctive and unforgettable experience.

2020 Musical Miracles

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