Maybe you’ve seen the news, Believer Music is honored to partner with PCF (PAP Community Foundation) in their cause! 

Over 200 underprivileged kids had a blast with our highly-engaging, Ukulele and Cajon programs which commenced mid-2019.

We always offer these precious ones the very best in music enrichment filled with joy, motivation and most of all, inspiration! These photos say it all! 📸

We are grateful for Guest-of-Honour: Minister Josephine Teo who graced the occasion, taking time to mingle with the kids and to spur them on. Ms. Josephine Teo is Minister of Manpower and Second Minister of Home Affairs.

She is also PCF’s Executive Committee Chairperson. We’re also honored by the presence of the ever-friendly PCF Staff, namely; Mr. Victor Bay (CEO, PCF HQ), Ms. Marini Khamis (SD, PCF HQ), and Mr. Christopher Seow (Director, PCF-HQ).

They too, experienced the positive energy which greatly benefitted the children under their care. 👱♂👱

With the PCF Headstart Fund (HSF), their goal is to offer every child a good start in life through quality and affordable pre-school education. ❤ PCF, also known as the PAP Community Foundation (founded and granted IPC and Charity status in 2002), seeks to uplift the lives and interests of Singaporeans by providing financial empowerment to the underprivileged — regardless of gender, race or religion. 🌏

Believer Music provides the optimal training environment for a truly genuine learning opportunity. We have more than 50 music programs available for all ages and close to 2,000 finely-tuned, proven lesson plans. 

On this note, did you know that learning music brings you loads of benefits? Here are just a few:

  • Self-Confidence. Being part of a group to improve oneself builds self-worth and brings about a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Improved Memory and Focus. This has been proven by research! 
  • Self-Discipline and Awareness. It encourages following instructions by listening to the coach and being made aware to follow the rhythm and melody closely.  
  • Improved Social Skills. It improves social skills along with the appreciation of the arts 
  • Improved Listening Skills. It hones listening ability. It also enhances eye-hand coordination. 
  • Overall Health Benefits. It promotes long-lasting mental wellness and happiness.

Do you believe that music can also impact your life too? Visit today to start your very own musical journey. 🎶