SkillsFuture Festival 2018

The inaugural SkillFuture Festival, organized by SkillsFuture Singapore, is a month-long festival. With more than 350 informative activities catering to all age groups, the objective is to inspire Singaporeans to develop a passion for learning and pursue skills mastery.

Held over multiple locations nationwide, the latest took place over a fun-filled day at the newly renovated Town Hall.

With an enthusiastic crowd streaming in from the early hours, Believer Music had the privilege to take main stage as the opening performance. An honour indeed! Kicking off the set with crowd favourite ‘Stars’ by Switchfoot performed marvellously by our coaches, set the upbeat tone for the event.

Participants were in for an activity-filled event featuring cooking, cross stitch, digital workshops, health talks, and numerous exhibitions at timed intervals that span across the day. The highlight perhaps for most was the 2 evening Cajon workshops hosted by Believer Music.

Garnering interest and signups from all age groups young and old throughout the day, the anticipation gradually reached its pinnacle when 25 participants were invited up onto the stage for the first of two sessions.

Guided through ‘Try Everything’ by Shakira was a healthy mix of 3 generations grooving along with our coaches with great enthusiasm and joy on their faces. Surely a heartening sight to be remembered. Cheered on by a crowd that consisted of family and friends of the participants, the atmosphere was buoyant. A warm approving applause arose as the performance came to its finale.

It is proven that music bonds people and are indeed possible for ALL ages, young and old. Believer Music will take you there.

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A project supported by the LearnSG Seed Fund.

“Every Day, A Learning Day”
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