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Believer Music’s 2-Day Music Adventure Camp (2DMAC) promises to be unique in its content and delivery. A 10-hour curriculum distributed over the course of two days, your child will be exposed to the proper techniques and skills in playing a total of FOUR different instruments by the end of the camp! 8-11 year-olds will be given the opportunity to hit the keys of the keyboard, strum and make music through catchy tunes on the ukulele and groovy beats on the cajon whereas 12-16 year-olds can have their go with the keyboard, drums and the guitar. All sessions of instrument coaching are coupled with proper vocal trainings.

Believer Music – Happy Chinese New Year

If learning to play an instrument has been your dream, we have a trial class where you can learn an instrument for the first time, free of charge. You will get to learn one full song, and have an unforgettable experience in our state-of-the-art studios. You will receive professional instruction to ensure you understand the fundamentals, and can build on what you’ve learned.