The Giving Family Festival

4th November 2017 – I stepped out into the warm rays of the afternoon sun. The sound of joyful laughter and chatter surrounded me. The aroma of cotton candy, popcorn and hot dogs wafted to me. And yet in the midst of the bustle at the Singapore Sports Hub, my attention was quickly brought to the far end of the carnival where the stage stood. It would seem it was time for our performance to begin.


The Giving Family Festival, organized by TOUCH Community Services, was held at Singapore Sports Hub (OCBC Square) over the first weekend (4th & 5Th) of November to commemorate their 25th Anniversary! We had the honor of being invited to perform and conduct a CAJON workshop to approx. 40 participants per session!

There was a good demographic mix – from the elderly to the young. This shows that music is for everyone! There is no age limit to picking up a lifelong skill that is fun and promotes health benefits. Music relieves stress and it is proven to strengthen memory and raise academic performance. The room was filled with smiles of satisfaction at the end of the workshop when everyone could play along to the song “Try Everything” by Shakira.


The CAJON is a percussive instrument in the shape of a box. It is usually made of wooden material and played by slapping the front and rear surfaces with hands, fingers or sometimes various implements such as brushes or mallets. It provides rhythm and groove and, most importantly, FUN to learn! It is portable and convenient to play at almost any venue – it does not require electricity to provide power for the instrument. A great accompaniment to any melodic instrument

Exclusively at Believer Music, we have our very own Higher Ground® Acoustics Cajon HGC-350T Traveller Series! It is a foldable cajon, making it light and convenient to travel around with it! Watch the video below for a demo.

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