The Giving Festival 2018

The Giving Festival returns for 2018! A 2-day event hosted annually by Touch Community Services to celebrate the spirit of giving and raise awareness for their services offered.

Held at Singapore Sports Hub (OCBC Square) on the first weekend of September, the space was buzzing with festive energy, decked out with colourful carnival rides, exciting game booths and delicious food stalls. It was heart-warming to see many families participate and bond over the variety of activities.

In the afternoon of both days, Believer Music had the privilege to take the stage! Performing a heart-warming set with a generous mix of old and new songs that attracted both young and old. With popular favourites The Reason by Hoobastank, Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, recent movie hit This Is Me from ‘The Greatest Showman’, we had the crowd moving and grooving along to the tunes almost immediately!

Apart from the carnival rides and game booths, the event also offered a variety of creative workshops. Believer Music was invited to conduct 2 of them; Ukulele and Cajon.

Taking place right after the band performance, registration for both instruments reached maximum capacity!

The objective of the workshop was simple; to bond and play together as ONE BODY.

Our coaches patiently guided the anticipating audience, which was made up of a healthy mix of families and individuals, towards the goal encouraging unity and togetherness. Fresh from the Band Performance earlier, the song of choice for the workshop was the evergreen Bruno Mars hit, Just the Way You Are.

During the Ukulele workshop, everyone participating, with or without music background were able to grasp the chords and rhythm, resulting in beautiful strums in sync with each other.

For the Cajon workshop, participants were split into 3 groups to play different parts. These parts each had their own groove and would complement each other when later combined. A breath of energy filled the air as each group worked on their parts before gathering again to perform the grand finale.

At the end of each workshop, the participants were extremely satisfied with their accomplishments and were in want for more.

If you would like to experience the same joy in making music, we have free trial classes that can be found here: (  There is something for everyone!

Believer Music strongly believes in giving back to the community. And what better way through the power of music.