What Makes Your Genre of Music Special?

Ever wondered why most people are drawn to certain kinds of music, but absolutely can’t stand other types?

We all have that one friend who sticks fiercely to their favorite taste of music. From devout metal-heads to emo fans, to pop idol wannabes, it may seem like these opinions are purely based on whim. But a closer peek into the logic behind these attitudes can reveal hidden truths.Read More »What Makes Your Genre of Music Special?

The History of Music: What We Often Overlook

Music has always been a vessel for mankind to tell their stories. Not just through its lyrics, but with melody and style. As one notes the rise and fall of various music genres throughout the course of the last century, an intriguing pattern begins to take form – one that mirrors modern history almost identically, highlighting both catastrophe and controversy, as well as joy and accomplishment.

While many subgenres and musical trends from around the world came to fruition, it is important to note that especially in the last century, Western culture (as well as its music) exerted incredible influence over the rest of globe. As a result, we’ll take a dive into the musical history of the West.Read More »The History of Music: What We Often Overlook